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315 8th St
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We are here for the comunity!

These are times that communities need to come together and help where we can. To help the community and to do our part to help get through this chaos, Artisan has refocused our production from producing vodka and whiskey to produce sanitizer.

We are now focused on producing hand sanitizer. (80% ethanol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide mix, FDA and WHO approved).  We are selling this hand sanitizer to the public and organizations to beat the Covid-19.  This sanitizer can be used on hands and directly on surfaces to kill germs and viruses.

WE HAVE INVENTORY RIGHT NOW.  We have curb side sales Mon. – Fri. from 12 noon to 4 pm and we are also offering delivery.  Deliveries are weekday evenings. For delivery please order through:   If you are a hospital, organization, municipality, government, military, or other group that needs a large supply, please email us ( for details.

In addition to our sanitizer we are selling vodka, whiskey, and our t-shirts .. however, vodka and whiskey is only available curb side.


Artisan is the only downtown vodka and whiskey distillery and craft cocktail lounge in San Antonio.

Artisan on Alamo Distillery is the only distillery in downtown San Antonio that hand crafts all their spirits.  At Artisan Distillery we create Spike Vodka, Texas Pride Vodka Chupacabra Juice Moonshine, Bexar Ridge Bourbon Whisky, and Pecan Ridge Whiskey.  In addition to producing our spirits on site we have a great tasting room lounge where we offer unique cocktails and educate people about our craft spirits. 

Spike Vodka was our first spirit we created,  Spike Vodka is one of the most unique vodkas – it is the only vodka in the world that is made from prickly pear cactus. This unique vodka is like no other vodka you will ever have.  Some describe it as earthy with a sweet pepper finish and has no back burn or bite.  Spike Vodka has been featured on Texas Country Reporter (video) and many morning shows here in San Antonio. 

Texas Pride Vodka is a corn based vodka is ultra-smooth, rated a 91 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and is never a disappointment.  Texas Pride is a more traditional vodka and appreciated by all in every situation.

In 2016 we decided to expand our portfolio and created Chupacabra Juice Moonshine.  This moonshine is corn based, and comes from an old family recipe. Chupacabra Juice Moonshine is distilled to 65%, then diluted to 40% before it is served.  We do not infuse, flavor or age our moonshine because we want to enjoy the true character of this spirit. Even though it is moonshine, it is smoother than most commercial vodka.

Due to customer requests we have expanded our list of spirits once again, we are now creating Bexar Ridge Bourbon Whisky and Pecan Ridge Whiskey. Bexar Ridge Bourbon is the perfect combination of corn, wheat, and rye.. creating  a great, well balanced mash.  After fermentation and distilling Bexar Ridge we age it in virgin oak barrels for six months.  Bexar Ridge is a great bourbon to mix or just straight. You will find Bexar Ridge Bourbon is earthy without being overbearing and is so smooth it can be enjoyed straight or a smooth crafted cocktail.  Pecan Ridge Whiskey is another perfect blend of corn, wheat, and barley that is aged and distilled by hand to perfection. What makes Pecan Ridge very unique is that it is aged 20 months and during the aging process Texas native pecan wood and Teas soft shelled pecan are put in the charred oak barrel giving Pecan Ridge a nutty note with a dry undertone (due to the real nuts that are used).

Alongside our production area Artisan Distillery has a craft cocktail lounge where you can enjoy hand crafted cocktails that feature our hand crated spirits.  We also offer tours most Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 4pm and 7pm (reservations). 

Artisan Distillery has a great atmosphere like no other bar or lounge.  Relaxing and fun Artisan is a great place to meet friends and spend the evening having a great time.

Curbside Hours

Mon – Fri 12 – 4pm

When we reopen the tasting room will be open:

Thu 5pm–Midnight

Fri & Sat 5pm-1am

$6 Happy Hour 5-8pm

Thursday Night MFM Night  – 20% off regular priced drinks

(Military, First Responders, Medical Appreciation Night)

Always The best

What We Offer

Original Spirits Distributed Across Texas

Original Spirits Distributed Across Texas

Event Space Avaiable

Event Space Avaiable

Tours Available

Tours Available

who we are


  • Traditional Martini

    Lemon Drop Martini

    Fresh squeezed lemon, hand crafted lemon infusion

    $12 ($10 Happy Hour)

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Lime Drop Martini

    Fresh squeezed lime, hand crafted lemon infusion

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Seasonal Berry Lemonade

    Fresh seasonal berries, hand crafted lemonade

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Spicy Texas Maggie

    Hand crafted sweet & sour mix, jalapeno & serrano blend (optional)

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Pickle Martini

    Blend of 3 different dill pickle juices (try it spicy)

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Mango Martini

    Fresh Mango puree, hand crafted lemon infusion.


  • Hot Passion Martini

    Passion fruit puree, lemon infusion, jalapeno & serrano blend


  • Spicy Cucumber Martini

    Fresh cucumbers, lemon infusion, jalapeno & serrano blend (optional)


  • Hazelnut Coffee Martini

    Fresh cold brewed coffee, hazelnut flavored creamer.


  • Chocolate Martini

    Milk chocolate or white chocolate


  • Coffee Martini

    Texas Pride Vodka, fresh cold brewed coffee, flavored creamer.


  • Zero Lemon

    Zero calorie lemon drink, fresh lemon.


  • Ribeye Infused Bloody Mary

    Ribeye infused bloody mary mix, jalapeno& serrano blend (optional).

    Voted one of the Best Bloody Mary in San Antonio.


  • Whiskey Neat/Straight (3 oz)

    $12 ($10 Happy Hour)

  • Whiskey Old Fashion

    Fresh muddled orange, bitters, sugar, cherry.

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Seasonal Smash

    Fresh season fruit, bitters, sugar, cherry

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Dragon’s Breath

    Cinnamon infusion, bitters, sugar infusion

    $8.50 ($6 Happy Hour)

  • Triple Sour

    Triple sec, fresh lemon, sugar infusion.


  • Brown Bexar

    Amaretto, honey, brown sugar, bitters.


  • Jackalope

    Banana infusion, bitters, lemon, cherry.


  • Artist

    Spike Vodka, grapefruit juice, club soda


  • Yes we allows dogs at Artisan and we even create cocktails for them too (without alcohol)


    PUPTINI – Beef broth, water, with whipped cream topping.


    SNUFFED NUTS – Peanut Butter infused water, with whipped cream topping

$6 Happy Hour 5-8 nightly

Thursday MFM Night – 20% off all regular priced drinks (MFM – Military, First Reponders, Medical)